Thank you for visiting my site. I’m Richard Aillen Taylor, and my parents had a sense of humor when they chose my middle name. Google it for a laugh.

Are you looking for a graphic artist? 

I am a trained graphic artist and illustrator with 20+ years of experience working both in-house and freelance.

Would you like your artist to be able to code too, and meet deadlines? 

I’ve been programming for the web since 1999. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON – I’ve got you covered. As for sticking to a schedule, I’ve never missed a reasonable hard deadline in my entire career.

Is it a big plus if they’re affordable?

Don’t get me wrong, we all have to make a living – but I’m at a point in my life where money is not necessarily my number-one consideration. Flexibility, environment, and getting to do work that’s exciting and engaging and meaningful all have a loud voice when I’m making decisions. Let’s talk!