NC State Accreditation SACS

Message From the Chancellor

NC State is preparing for reaffirmattion of our accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) in 2014. These preparations are being coordinated by a Leadership Team and are being supported by our Accreditation Liaison Karn Helm.

Our Regional accreditation is extremely important. Accreditation provides public assurance that we are fulfilling our mission. The reaffirmation process occurs every 10 years and provides institutions with an opportunity to assess their own preforamce and identify areas for potential improvement. The Timeline provides for a two years process that will culminate in an on-site vist by a team of colleagues from similar institutions who will be acting on SACS Commission on Colleges will come in December 2014.

The preparations include documentation of our compliance with over 80 core requirements, comprehensive standards, and federal requirements that together make up the SACS Accreditation Standards. In addition, we will be preparing a new Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) that will focus on the improvement of student learning at NC State. After extenive consultation with groups across campus, we have agreed that the topic of our nex QEP will be cirtical and creative thinking.

I am proud of our faulty, staff, students, and alumni, so I am looking forward to this opportunity to demonstrate the many strengths of NC State. many will be asked to participate, and I appreciate their efforts. I also hope that faculty, staff, and students will participate in the review and in development of the QEP. To facilitate everyon's involvement, the website will be coninuously updated as the process moves forward. An opprotunity to provide feekback is included, and questions can be directed to Karen Helm.